Cinque Terre: the new decoratives for the furniture industry

Cinque Terre Colours & Natural is the new collection of decoratives developed by Fantoni and La-con to enhance the look of design interiors. But what is this all about?

Our Cinque Terre project has been conceived in order to strengthen the bond between nature and color, following a surface evolution process able to feed their mutual dialogue.

From the cold tones of the sea to the warm shades of the land, every color and materic selection evokes unique nuances and textures to emphasize a sophisticated design of interiors.


To whom is it addressed?

The Collection is specifically addressed to the furniture industry, aiming to expand its selection of decoratives and finishes with innovative color and materic solutions to be introduced to its end customers.


Why “Cinque Terre”?

This name is not a random choice, but a tribute to the beautiful landscapes of the Ligurian Riviera, main source of inspiration for this project.


Would you like to know more?

Cinque Terre is a world waiting to be discovered: have a look here to explore the full range of decoratives!