Sustainable sound-absorbing systems

To track the impact of our action with a long-term perspective: this is the broadest sense of the word sustainability. Corporate social responsibility implies and ethical behaviour that is not just confined to stakeholders but includes workers, customers, dealers, local communities and contributes to enhance the economic development in respect of both society and environment.


LEED – Leadership in Energy Environmental Design – is a voluntary-based certification system conceived for the design and construction of new or renovated sustainable buildings of residential and commercial use. Originated in the United States in 1993 thanks to the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC), LEED is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. It ensures great competitive advantages, such as great quality of the result and considerable savings in terms of costs, to those who choose to adopt its standards. Given the importance of construction materials and thanks to our partnership with Habitech, the Energy and Environment District promoted by the Autonomous Province of Trento and to its Greenmap program, our 4AKUSTIK® sound-absorbent system for use on walls and ceilings complies with the LEED requirements and increases the LEED BD+C (Building Design and Construction) V4.1 building rate in the following fields: MR – Material and Resources, EA – Energy and Atmosphere, IEQ – Indoor Environmental Quality.

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An EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) is a voluntary-based environmental declaration that communicates transparent information about the environmental performance of products according to the international ISO 14025 standards. Based on a Life Cycle Assessment study which defines the consumption of resources (materials, water, energy) and the environmental impact of the products at different stages of their life cycle, our 4AKUSTIK® sound-absorbent system for use on walls and ceilings is EPD certified and complies with the LEED requirements. A great incentive for architects and designers who, choosing 4AKUSTIK®, can simultaneously track the environmental impact of their projects and make their own contribution to the growth of green building.

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