Advantageous for both business and the environment

A strategic choice

The Fantoni Group is the only one in its sector to have chosen to integrate and manage all functions of the entire supply chain in-house. Energy and raw materials, semifinished and finished products, logistics and design: each aspect is part of an overall strategy based on autonomy and direct control over quality.

This approach offers significant advantages, both for the company and for the environment. With synchronised, flexible working processes, not only can turnaround times be optimised and costs contained, but above all, energy and materials can be used efficiently, helping to reduce environmental impact.


Autonomy, quality, efficiency: from energy to materials, and design to products

Radical integration

Self-generated energy harnessed from renewable sources is the cornerstone of vertical integration for the Fantoni Group, which invests in every stage and process. Wood-based raw materials are entirely processed within our own companies. MDF and chipboard panels, with unfinished or faced surfaces, are produced using glues produced in Osoppo, and in part used for our office furniture production, as well as melamine papers and laminates. Our sound-absorbent coverings for interior use are also made using our MDF panels.

Integration is also the guiding principle of Fantoni’s product development office, which takes a holistic approach to all design-related aspects: from products to workspaces to our clients’ interiors.