The new frontier in industry 4.0

Record Sustainability

The request from the wood and furniture sector is to be supplied with 50% of panels produced from recycled materials by 2030. The response from Fantoni Group, both concrete and visionary, is called Plaxil 8.

The latest arrival on the Fantoni campus in Osoppo is the plant with the largest continuous press in Europe, and the second largest in the world: 65 m long, with a production capacity of 1400 mc³ per day. The factory is 300 m long, with a total floor area of 8500 m². In addition, now, Recy, an innovative plant for cleaning recycled wood, with the capacity to treat 400,000 tons per year, the fruit of 20 years’ experience in wood recycling. Automation 4.0, innovative processes, automated warehouses and logistics, an overall investment of 150 million euro in four years.

Three-Layer MDF with Recycled Material

The objective of the Plaxil 8 plant is revolutionary: by borrowing three-layer panel technology from the chipboard production cycle, the system is programmed to create MDF whose central layer is made with over 50% recycled material. A visionary investment, giving life to a more efficient product in economic and environmental terms, capable of meeting the changing processing needs of our clients.

2021, the Latest Stage

In 2021 the Plaxil 8 production line – brought into service in 2017 for the production of “traditional” MDF – is acquiring an innovative recycled wood treatment system: equipped with X-ray and infrared sensors, Recy can prepare materials suitable for the production of fibre from recycled wood, or from wood waste and scraps, reducing our use of virgin wood by 300,000 tons every year.


“Being the first to develop and propose this system cannot fail to bring us considerable competitive advantages. Thus, the community can benefit from products that are more sustainable but also good quality, in addition to gaining an additional channel for the disposal of wood-based waste.”

Marco Fantoni, Process and Production Technology

“Now Italian furniture will be not only more beautiful, but also more sustainable; this is an opportunity that companies in the sector must show they can grasp.”

Paolo Fantoni, President