A Radical Idea

Abandoning the traditional linear economic model, based on the exploitation of the planet’s finite resources and the emission of waste into the environment, and instead drawing inspiration from the closed circuit of the ecosystem, where there is no waste: this is the approach of the circular economy. Materials, components and products are no longer considered to be waste, and instead are recovered and acquire new value within the cycle of production and consumption, avoiding the use of virgin raw materials and cutting down on waste.

420,000 tons of wood recovered each year

360,000 tons of chipboard panels produced each year

Cascade Use of Wood

For the Fantoni Group, the circular economy is expressed as a system-wide vision embracing numerous aspects, from the use of renewable energy sources to product recyclability, in which the greatest strength is the cascading use of wood for chipboard panel production. The recovery and reuse of waste wood means new life can be given to materials, using waste-to-energy as the final stage of the life cycle of a product when it can no longer be reused.