The harmony of spaces

Since the year 2000, the Fantoni Group has been engaged in research into acoustics and in the development of systems to provide concrete solutions to professionals who choose responsible design.

Environmental well-being

Acoustic quality is a fundamental element of interior design. It depends primarily on the geometry of the space, the type of materials present within it, their distribution relative to sources of noise, sound reverberation, and on total background noise level. The main parameter for measuring the acoustic quality of a room is reverberation, i.e., the entirety of reflected sound still present within a confined space after the source of the sound has fallen silent.

Reverberation time

The main parameter to be controlled so as to ensure good acoustics is reverberation, the total sound that persists within a space for a certain period of time after the source has stopped emitting the sound.

A complete range

The products of the Acoustic Panelling division offer excellent sound-absorbency and reduction of reverb, guaranteeing acoustic well-being and giving shape to spaces at the leading-edge of sound quality, design and sustainability. The wide range of certified sound-absorbent panels includes drilled and milled panels, wall- and ceiling-mounted panels, slats and tiles, mixed and suspended systems, which can be used where intervening directly on the ceiling is not advisable.

Designing spaces

On the one hand, the Fantoni Research Centre develops new construction technologies, on the other, it strives to improve the technical performance of its products and the environmental compatibility of the materials used, and to diversify its range with increasingly customised solutions. These efforts are driven by the desire to respond to a construction market that is extremely sensitive to matters of sustainability and well-being, and by the demand from designers and architects for customised solutions. This synergic partnership with designers and architects is further facilitated by Lacon’s competence when it comes to decorations and finishes. Lacon is part of the Fantoni group, and its team of young researchers keeps its finger on the pulse of new trends in fashion and design.

Acoustic Lab

The qualification of products is built on research and on rigorous examination of materials and their performance. One of the jewels in the crown of Fantoni Group’s research is Acoustic Lab: a reverberation chamber, which is the only internationally recognised instrument for measuring the sound absorption properties of materials. Set up at the Patt factory in Attimis, Italy, it is designed and built to comply with the specifications of European standard EN ISO 354. The lab guarantees the ongoing search for the highest possible performance of Fantoni’s sound-absorbent panels.

Download the Bluesound App

Bluesound is the new Fantoni app that quickly calculates the reverb time within a space so as to find the best sound absorption solution and restore proper acoustics. An extremely smart tool, always to hand, for a preliminary acoustic analysis of any space.