Sound-deadening system

The modular perforated sound absorbing system

Two sizes, three individual installation methods, multiple perforated hole patterns, and a wide range of surface finishes make 4for modular panels perfect for all architectural designs and practical applications. The high performance levels are achieved thanks to research into the theory of Helmholtz resonators and sound dissipation using porous textures.
System of square or oblong modules
Slatted system

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The wide range of diameter of the holes and the different percentage of holes in the panel guarantee an answer to every functional need. The panels come with holes in straight rows, whereas the holes in the slats are staggered. Only slat P8-1.2a has aligned holes.

4for P0.2-0.05s – Nanofor

4for P8-1,2a – Microfor

4for P32-10a

4for P32-3a / P32-3s

4for P16-5a / P16-5s

4for P16-3a / P16-3s


Acoustic and aesthetic quality

High-quality sound-absorbent panel featuring extremely clean lines, and comprising an MDF panel bonded to a sheet of Microslim laminate. Holes with an almost imperceptible diameter, set just a few millimetres apart, create a ‘skin’ with a continuous appearance, while forming an effective barrier for sound.

Glue-free installation

The panels can be wall-mounted using a system of profiles and connectors similar to those used with other Fantoni sound-absorbent systems. The 60×60 modular panel system is installed using structures available on the market worldwide.