Whistleblowing report

The Reporting Portal

The Fantoni Group provides the Whistleblowing Portal for those who intend to make, in good faith, a report of behaviors or events that may constitute violations of laws or regulations (national or European Union), or of company procedures, or in any case incompatible with ethically correct behavior. Reports must be made to protect the public interest and the integrity of the companies. No retaliation or discrimination, direct or indirect, may occur against those who have made a report in good faith, provided that at the time of the report they had reasonable grounds to believe that the information about the reported violations was true and relevant.

Methods of Transmitting the Report

The Portal allows the reporter to choose whether or not to provide their identity. After logging in, the reporter will be guided through the completion of a questionnaire that will allow them to provide, in writing, the elements characterizing the report (facts, context, etc.). Upon submitting the report, the Portal will issue the reporter a unique identification code known only to the reporter, which cannot be retrieved in any way in case of loss. This ticket will allow the reporter to access their report through the Portal to monitor its progress.

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