design: Matteo Ragni design studio

Modular setting

A desk, a meeting place, a space for thinking, planning and relaxing: the different Hub modules – with single or multiple workstations, fixed or on casters – and the numerous accessories offer plenty of scope for free interpretation of the work environment.

Sharing and innovating

Hub places people at the centre, generating pleasant situations conducive to innovation, productivity and well-being. The mini version on casters ensures that even a coffee break or an informal meeting can become moments of creativity.

Contemporary dynamism

Flexibility and customisation: today the office is a constantly-shifting landscape of spaces, people and relations, simultaneously functional and comfortable, focused and reflective, intimate or convivial.

Tree module
Executive desk
Operative desk on casters
Bookshelf module
HUB bar
Operative fixed desk
Free standing divider module
“The Hub arose from a real need to recreate a physical and mental space within a workplace inhabited by different people. A space that can facilitate sharing and exchanging ideas, as well as a place for reflection and individual work. A mini penthouse in which to work, rest, and be nourished by ideas, relationships and good food. This small, cubic world is an ideal venue for our relationships and all that they require, a kind of portal enabling us to collaborate with colleagues near and far.”

Matteo Ragni


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