Quality as a mission, from processes to products

Integrated quality

The quality of systems, processes and products is the focus of a dedicated in-house laboratory. In a space equipped with sophisticated technologies and machinery, we run tests every two hours on the panels we produce, checking for quality and the satisfaction of all standards required by international certificates.


Attention to people’s well-being and to the environment: this is the foundation of our unfailing commitment to quality. The Fantoni Group can boast numerous certifications regarding processes, panels – reaction to fire, acids, wear, humidity, thermal shock, abrasion – and finished products – impact tests, resistance, stability, duration.

Acoustic Lab

The qualification of products is built on research and on rigorous examination of materials and their performance. One of the jewels in the crown of Fantoni Group’s research is Acoustic Lab: a reverberation chamber, which is the only internationally-recognised instrument for measuring the sound absorption properties of materials. Set up at the Patt factory in Attimis, Italy, it is designed and built to comply with the specifications of European standard EN ISO 354. The lab guarantees the excellent performance of Fantoni’s sound-absorbent panels.