Tactile aesthetics bursting with colour

Cinque Terre Colours

The new Cinque Terre Colours collection presents original and refined nuances and textures embracing an impressive colour gamut. Each hue draws inspiration from the vibrant charm of nature and its overwhelming beauty, evoking its intense scents and colours, and giving your interiors the same magnetic personality.
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Selva, Oltremare, Ambra, Caramello, Scarlatto

Cinque Terre Natural

From the warm tones of Mocha to the pearly nuances of Dune, the Cinque Terre Natural line puts us back in touch with the environment around us. Articulated in multiple variations of greys and browns, these neutral tones give a supreme sense of lightness and order, immersing the user in a highly expressive experience.
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Mocha, Dune


More than just an exhibition area, Design Lab is the space where our concepts give substance to your projects. A veritable immersive experience where you can see new texture and colour selections up-close, and experiment with your preferred decorative combinations.

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