The top-performance phone booth

A bright, comfortable acoustic haven. In just 120 x 120 cm, this pod offers an easy-to-position phone booth that integrates beautifully into any setting. With its self-supporting structure, it can be moved even when fully assembled.

Sensitively hospitable

100×100 cm

Mini is fitted with a ventilation system and LED ceiling lights. Inside the pod, each detail is designed to offer optimal ergonomics and improve user experience.

High-performance well-being

Motion sensor
Outer covering
Glass door
Feel good inside
Interior covering
Mini phone booth offers excellent acoustic quality: the glass and seals help insulate from the exterior, while the 4akustik® sound-absorbent interior panels ensure that what happens inside stays inside.

Optimum acoustic insulation

The position of the ventilation fan and grill is designed to minimise penetration of external noise.