Personal bubble

Pods are an innovative type of furniture, enclosing havens of privacy, with different dimensions and extremely high levels of comfort. No more mobile walls and partitions, but a cocooning environment, a personal bubble for moments of concentration or brief meetings. With their versatile use and customisable finishes, they define architectural landscapes that adapt to the shifting form of spaces.

Hug Pod: Welcoming comfort

Pod with sofas
Small/large Pod
Table top
The modular workstations in the Hug Pod lounge collection create cosy, well-equipped micro-architectural spaces in which to work or meet, sheltered from view and from outside noise. A variety of sound-absorbent fabrics ensures distinctive, customised solutions every time.

Temporary workstations

An intimate, protected area for concentration, videoconferencing or simply for a break. Ideal for office areas, Hug pods also fit beautifully into other settings.

Naxos Acoustic

Comfortable privacy

Naxos Acoustic is a programme of sofas that will enable you to create a pleasing, ergonomic micro-environment that offers privacy and acoustic comfort, even within open-plan offices or noisy, crowded spaces.