Impronte: texture trends

The colours and feel of our melamine faced panels derive from the expressive power of the materials and from our painstaking research into texture and colours; a visual and tactile language inspired by nature and fashion, to design evocative, warm, customised spaces. The Impronte selection is lively and never repetitive, thanks to an endless range of finishes: enviable know-how combined with leading-edge production technologies are ready to take up the challenge of international markets.

Customer oriented

Melamine faced MDF
Melamine faced chipboard
We work alongside companies around the world, developing and creating customised solutions to respond to even their most complex demands. Certified procedures and productive flexibility, ongoing research and high-performance materials all mean we can guarantee great quality and performance for our clients.

Materials take shape

Multi-material paper is the key theme running through the constant selection of new, on-point decorations, creating increasingly heart-stirring surfaces: free rein is given to stone and marble, cement and metal, as well as wood in all its many forms. With Impronte, surfaces become the object of research for panels, interior coverings and furniture.


Fantoni faced panels are wood-based panels covered with decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin. The designs on the paper range from solid colours to wood and other patterns created for the furniture industry. The surface is then enhanced with a number of finishes offering different tactile sensations.