Essential and smart

Basic, Extralong and with a new Slide cable management system: The modular nature of its desks means Sistema 28 can also be used to create large compositions, while maintaining an essential aesthetic in line with contemporary architecture.

Multiplying functionality

Conceived for operative spaces, Sistema 28 is equally well-suited for semi-executive offices, meeting rooms and in-between spaces. Accessorisable partition screens and modesty panels, storage cabinets and drawer pedestals multiply the possibilities for configuration.

New Slide system

The Slide cable tray access system can be used to create single workstations, completed with a 75 cm or 120 cm high front panel, or double workstations to facilitate effective teamwork.


Efficiency merged with well-being, in a simple gesture. The electrical mechanism with under-desk controls makes this height-adjustable desk a truly ergonomic workstation.

Informal office solutions

40-70 transforms your coffee break or informal meeting into a moment of creativity, facilitating engagement and well-being.

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