design: Giulio Iacchetti + Matteo Ragni

Clean Lines, Pure Essenciality

The Decumano project once again intersects the paths of two lifelong designers and friends, Giulio Iacchetti and Matteo Ragni, who together have conceived a range of executive and meeting tables for Fantoni. These tables come in fixed and height-adjustable versions, with rectangular, square, and round shapes of various sizes. The finishes feature a strict color palette: black, grey, champagne, and Minio red, which impart a sense of sobriety and elegance.

When Simplicity Meets Elegance

The junction represents the essence of a solid structure where transparent planes highlight the purity of the structural solution without the need for cumbersome theoretical or technical superstructures. The joints, while maintaining simplicity, are embellished and enhanced, adding a distinctive touch to the overall structure.

Intersection of Visions

“When we sketched it out,” assert the two designers, “the structure of Decumano was already imprinted in that simple orthogonal intersection of lightweight beams, supporting the floor and contributing to form a quadrilateral reminiscent of the layout of Roman cities (notably the cardo and the decumanus), the foundations of the Western world.”

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