Room for imagination

The composition of these base elements transforms work flows into simple, functional, modular layouts, to respond to every need, from individual workstations to meeting areas. The only limit: your imagination.

Smart office

Light desk
Ring-shaped desk
Flower container

A sustainable product

The materials used to produce the collection are 98% recyclable: this is great news in terms of eco-sustainability, and has earned it the GREEN QUALITY mark. In addition to this, the panels are made of 100% recycled chipboard, which means less virgin wood is used, greatly reducing environmental impact. The technical solutions chosen make for quick and easy disassembly of the furniture at the end of its life cycle, and for easier waste separation and recycling of materials. The metal components are epoxy powder coated, a technique that does not release solvents into the atmosphere.

Interpreting the office

The elegant finishes and accessories add character to any setting, including semi-executive desks.

New Tweed décor

Now available in the Tweed décor, which adds original appeal and is combines with the black or white frames of the desks, Framework 2.0 presents a unique and timeless style.

Efficiency and versatility

With various options for the desks, and numerous accessories and finishes, you can create single and double operative and executive workstations and meeting spaces, while ensuring aesthetic continuity and comfort in any setting.


Efficiency merged with well-being, in a simple gesture. The electrically-driven adjustable top means you can adapt the desk and switch between sitting and standing positions.

A new wiring system

A new wiring system makes accessing the cable compartment quick and easy: with the single desk you simply need to move the partition screen forward, while the multiple version features a large central cable tray and grommets.


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