A long story on paper

A way to honor the creativity, passion, fortitude and optimistic ethics of a family business.
In the finest Italian tradition of corporate publishing, since 2000 Blueindustry – the series of publications produced by Fantoni – is a space for communication and experimentation, where industrial culture can tackle major contemporary topics.


Blueindustry, 2000

The first issue is blue, like the Fantoni factory in Osoppo, like the sky and the surrounding mountains. A reflection on the company and on industrial culture, from technology to nature, architecture to landscape, design to the world of work.



inForm+action, 2000

This issue documents the numerous initiatives organised by the Fantoni Research Centre in 1999-2000. Talks and conferences, exhibitions, training programmes and partnerships with experts, intellectuals and schools. A record of the past and a tool for the future.



The visual talking, 2001

The theme of this volume is research into colour and materials, their design and identity. It is the fruit of a series of seminars held in 2000 at the Fantoni Research Centre, organised in partnership with (Politecnico University, Milan).



Learning by doing, 2002

Three years of collaboration between industry and academia, between Fantoni and the Politecnico university in Milan. Five summer workshops focusing on topical themes in the world of design and manufacturing. Numerous professionals, academics and international experts. Students from a number of Italian universities. The story of an important educational and cultural project.



The visual talking, 2002

The second instalment Visual talking is the expression of Fantoni’s research into the field of colours and materials, reflecting on colour as an added value in the identity and communications of industrial products. This issue contains a number of experimental interior design projects, including the Stripes series, a concept by Marco Viola.



Bluehistory, 2003

This volume uses text, images and documents to retrace the vicissitudes, great and small, of the Fantoni Group: over a century of history, covering the family, the business, production and design. A remarkable story that reflects the economic, social and cultural history of Italy.



Gino Valle, project Fantoni, 2004

A tribute to the architect Gino Valle (1923-2003), his work and his thirty-year partnership with Fantoni, expressed in the Osoppo campus, an architectural and industrial landscape built in a progressive series of additions and layers, designed to grow in harmony with its surroundings.



Bluesound, 2007

Auditory perception, the geometry of sound and acoustic comfort: with contributions from scientists, engineers and architects, this issue bears witness to the longstanding research and experimentation carried out by Fantoni into acoustics and sound absorption, for greater well-being in spaces and environments.



On the HUB, 2017

“Blind” lunches with extraordinary minds. HUB table, designed for Fantoni by Matteo Ragni, is the place and occasion for meeting people from different cultural and professional circles, with whom to share food and ideas, discussing spaces, work, changes and the future.