Sound-deadening systems

Acoustic comfort in every environment

The range of mixed systems and suspended panels offers the possibility of custom-made solutions for any heavily-frequented space requiring acoustic correction. Architectural constraints are no longer an obstacle to designing for well-being.


Myflag is a system of ceiling-suspended vertical leaves, creating a conceptual aesthetic with a specific configuration that helps to lessen reverb. The size and spacing of the leaves is calculated each time according to the architectural characteristics of the space, without affecting the general dimensions of the room or impeding access to existing technical fixtures.


design: Eri Goshen

Modular system comprising panels with different sizes and types of drilling or milling. Makes organizing the spaces between panels easy and free of any size-related constraints, and ensures suitable positioning and easy access both to the soundabsorbent panels and to the installations, whatever their type and form. The panels are individually suspended using cables, while carabiners make for easy inspection.


Modular suspended system with high sound absorbency, designed to improve the acoustics of any interior, even in situations where architectural constraints make it impossible to work directly on the wall or ceiling. A range of four types of panel, featuring different densities of grooving and rear perforations, offering a variety of possible uses with excellent sound absorbency.


design: Eri Goshen

System of suspended panels in a range of indefinite and customizable shapes. A basic, curved form, scaled in three different sizes makes it possible to arrange the ceiling at your pleasure, creating any number of different configurations. The option of customizing the shapes adds a further dimension of interest, allowing you to create “your own sky”. Holes can be drilled for lights, sound diffusers and other accessories if required by the client.


Modular solution of slim-lined panels inserted between fine aluminium profiles that can be fitted with a complete range of coordinated accessories. Satin-finished aluminium profiles are designed for attaching coordinated shelving and storage containers.


design: Eri Goshen

Modular system for soundabsorbent suspended ceilings. Easyaccess meets the need for easy inspection of suspended ceilings and maintenance of the technical installations and systems hidden above them. The profile system allows technical staff to open any part of the ceiling in absolute safety, and without any risk of damaging or altering it in any way. When opened, each individual panel remains attached to the structure, and the panel is replaced simply by rotating it upwards.


design: Eri Goshen

Modular system comprising panels in three different sizes and numerous types of drilling or milling. The different angles make it possible to create a unique composition, playing on the acoustic performance with the right mix of soundabsorbent and soundreflecting panels. By inserting suitable lighting behind the panels, or using oblique lighting to create an interplay of shadows, an extra point of aesthetic and design interest is added. Particularly suitable for auditoriums and conference halls, Mywall is ideal for all spaces where long, flat surfaces ask for solutions that create a sense of movement and customize shapes.