Customer oriented

The technical nature of the products created by La-con, a company in the Fantoni group, is combined with a flexibility of formats and thicknesses available. Research into new materials and our constant presence alongside our clients enables us to identify customised solutions for the most avant garde projects.


Laminate is made of decorative paper impregnated with special resins and protective overlays on the decorative surface that bestow the finished product with technical characteristics suitable for the production of components for doors, indoor furniture, table, desk and work tops.

New technical possibilities and original aesthetic effects


Innovative technology and flexibility

A paintable, ultra-flexible CPL laminate that does not require sanding or priming. Laminlac is particularly suitable for covering profiles or for use in a rolling press; its excellent covering power easily eliminates the defects that commonly affect composite door profiles.


Microtrim is an innovative laminate that beautifully combines excellent flexibility with gorgeous aesthetics, in terms of both look and touch. The pores of this product have a three-dimensional quality that makes for an extremely realistic imitation of virgin wood. With a nominal thickness of 0.15 mm, Microtrim laminate is suitable for the widest variety of uses, from interior door finishes to furniture and accessories, including elements with very tight curves.

Microtrim data sheet


La-con produces impregnated decorative finishing papers, suitable to finish any interior item, perfectly covering all the distinctive aesthetic details, such as raised frames, curved surfaces, rounded edging and back panels. Their flexibility means they are perfect for an endless variety of uses in the furnishing and interior décor sector, with a vast selection of designs as well as excellent resistance and durability.


Ultra-flexible laminates

The range of ultra-flexible laminates – Microlam, Microflex, Lignosoft and Slimsoft – have always been among La-con’s top sellers. Their extreme flexibility and excellent strength mean they are even suitable for finishing curved surfaces and low-radius rounded profiles. They can be used to cover interior doors, frames, kitchen cupboard doors, profiles in PVC, WPC, wood or MDF, with a vast range of printed designs.


Flexible laminates

The flexible laminates – Lignoflex, Microslim, Lignoslim – offer an excellent combination of flexibility and strength, thanks to their combination of melamine impregnation and parchment support, which also helps ensure easy adhesion. Available in all La-con decorations and finishes, they can be used both to cover flat surfaces, with subsequent post-forming, and to finish curved surfaces for furnishing, cupboard doors and profiles.


Laminate sheets

Laminate sheets with Lignolam phenolic support complete the La-con range, and are also available in rolls at thicknesses of 0.4 mm and 0.5 mm. Lignolam offers great water- and damp-resistance, meaning it is suitable for numerous applications. In addition to being available with an added protective layer that further increases its technical qualities, this product can be supplied with custom length and width, and in a vast selection of decorations and finishes.