Intelligent comfort

A cosy space in which to meet or concentrate, chat or reflect, work alone or in a team: acoustic comfort has never been more accessible. Acoustic Room is a pod with which to create discreet oases, ideal for open-plan environments or in heavily-frequented spaces.

Bespoke spaces

The 5 different modules can be customised to suit specific requirements and functions. From size to structure, fittings to finishes, each single aspect is defined by the client based on the situations and context in which it will be used.


607×300 cm
The new standard for meeting rooms: quiet, comfortable, cosy.


480×300 cm

Working together and concentrating just become a whole lot easier.


300×300 cm

A smart room for videoconferencing, a temporary workstation with a desk, or an informal space for a break.



A “box within a box”: snug and comfortable, with a peninsula table, it fits right into any space without creating visual barriers.


240×120 cm

A discreet space that integrates perfectly into the surrounding environment, equally suitable for use as a phone booth or for conference calls.

Welcoming work area

Outer covering
Acoustic insulation
The ventilation system, LED lighting and different panelling options make for a pleasant setting, offering the maximum well-being for those who use it. The Fantoni 4akustik® panels guarantee excellent sound absorbency.

Professional sanitisation

The AeraMax Professional II air purifier uses a system of activated carbon filters to remove 99.97% of airborne contaminants and overcome mould spores. Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

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