Fantoni group

For five generations we have been producing innovation

For five generations we have been producing innovation from a very precious raw material: wood. Every day we look to the future, cultivating respect for the environment and for people. Our Group is a world leader in the production of MDF and chipboard panels, laminates and melamine papers, office systems and sound-absorbent systems. Fantoni, La-con, Lesonit, Patt, Inter-Rail: all our companies work synergically, sharing the same philosophy and values.

Vision and Values

A solid industrial organisation that looks to the future. A group of businesses with deep local roots, driven by a global vision. An integrated system that strives for quality at every step, from self-generated energy to logistics, from design to application of the product. A considered approach to sustainability and a precise paradigm for operations: the circular economy. Constant investment in research and in the development of processes, systems and products. A passion for architectural and design culture, expressed on a constantly-growing industrial campus. A clear code of ethics, shared on all levels. One fundamental objective: promoting the well-being of the people who work with us and of those we work for. All this is Fantoni Group.


Our Companies, our Success

Fantoni is a leader in the production of MDF and chipboard panels, as well as a key player in the office furniture arena. La-con, specializing in the production of laminates and melamine papers for interior architecture and design. Lesonit, a major producer of ultra-thin MDF panels. Patt, leading the field of radiant and sound-absorbent systems, for collective and domestic spaces. Inter-Rail, a partner for rail freight logistics.



Sustainable Development

Sustainability is our lodestar. When production is centred around wood-based materials, thorough environmental awareness is needed, from the choice and use of resources to management of the environmental impact of production processes and the application of products. In recent decades, a precise investment policy has enabled us to grow, improving energy efficiency and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
Our ongoing commitment to research has also enabled us to increase the use of recycled resources and eco-friendly processes, creating products that are durable and safe for people’s health.



A World of Designs

We work alongside companies and public and private institutions worldwide to conceive and develop furniture solutions and customised spaces that holistically meet their needs in terms of ergonomics, acoustics, air conditioning and lighting.



Certified procedures, flexible production systems, leading-edge design and high-performance materials combine to ensure every setting provides fine aesthetics and optimum well-being and practicality, from offices to hospitality spaces, from contract to areas for entertainment.

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