Radiant and sound-deadening system

The only radiant and sound-absorbent wood-fibre module

Insulating layer
Aluminium sheet
Distribution of the heat-transfer fluid
The sound-absorbent panel
A single product that saves energy and enhances the liveability of any space.

Climacustic warms, cools and enhances acoustics

This radiant, sound-absorbent modular system is the only one in the world to combine thermal comfort, energy efficiency, sound quality and innovative design: a single solution to save energy and improve the liveability of any space. Climacustic® can be used on walls or ceilings, for heating or cooling.

Glue-free installation

The rapid installation procedure uses the aluminium structures attached to the wall or ceiling. Unlike plasterboard systems, the version in modular panels (60×60/120) offers easy access for inspection purposes.


Lower running costs

The working temperature of the heating function is around 30% lower than that of a traditional system, leading to considerable energy savings.

Great long-term performance

The sound-absorbent panel is coupled with a sheet of aluminium that enhances its radiant properties, while an insulating layer prevents heat dispersion in winter and excessive heat in summer.

Exceptional acoustic comfort

Climacustic modules are the fruit of Fantoni Group’s experience and research. They enhance the acoustic quality of their space, and guarantee exceptional performance.

Extremely even temperature

The large radiant surface, the running temperature and the lack of convective flows all ensure excellent heat distribution throughout the space.

The utmost in health and safety

Climacustic® provides LEED® credits. The panelling system is available in EC certified, reaction to fire class B-s1,d0 material, compliant with current Eurocodes for construction materials.