design: Metrica

Display and storage

The slim frame outlines a geometric space, brought to life with oblique lines and with steel shelves and wooden wall cabinets. Available in the form of wall-mounted bookcases, wall cabinets and sideboards, this system meets the aesthetic and functional requirements of the contemporary executive office.

Rhythm and personality

The elements in the system can be combined with the Woods and Multipliceo executive series, and add a touch of character to the other Fantoni office collections, creating a pleasing rhythm between open-fronted and closed cabinets.

Design by Metrica

“The concept is to separate architectural and storage functions with a frame, organizing the space within this “picture” rationally and with geometric rigour. By striking the right balance between open and closed cabinets, we have achieved a pleasing visual rhythm composed of horizontal lines and solid blocks.”
Robin Rizzini, chief designer & partner, Metrica


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