A design classic

The inspired idea of the 45° profile on desk and table tops is a signature feature of Fantoni design. Conceived by Gino Valle with Herbert Ohl for the Multipli collection in 1968, this solution continues to inspire our work.

Modular evolution

The concepts of modularity and open systems are the generative principle of this furniture programme. With its characteristic essential lines, Quaranta5 offers freedom in the organisation of spaces and functions.

Flexibility and efficiency

Desks of different depths, single, double or bench, numerous accessories and a remarkable range of finishes offer the possibility to create operative and executive layouts or meeting spaces, guaranteeing aesthetic continuity and comfort in any setting.

Folding technology

Fantoni’s precious folding technology makes it possible to create storage cabinets with perfect, smooth volumes, free of visible joints.


Efficiency combines with well-being: thanks to the under-top controls, adjusting the desk height is child’s play, switching from sitting to standing with the simplest of gestures. The essential aesthetic and distinctive 45° bevelled edge of the desk tops remain intact thanks to the hidden electrical mechanism.

Integrated solutions

The distinctive 45° bevelled edging is shared by a number of different Fantoni collections, offering interior designers the possibility to establish a continuity between the decor of different positions within the company, from operative workstations from the Méta and Quaranta5 collections through to Multipliceo executive offices.

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