Sound-deadening system

The maximum-efficiency milled sound-absorption system

4akustik® is a sound-absorbent system for use on walls and ceilings, comprising melamine-faced, lacquered or veneered MDF slats. The high performance levels are achieved thanks to research into the theory of Helmholtz resonators and sound dissipation using porous textures. 4akustik® combines excellent sound absorption performance with the highest health and safety standards.
The Helmholz resonator
The reflective board

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The numerous types of milling and spacing ensure we can cover a wide range of different sound-absorption coefficients, thereby meeting all sorts of design needs.

Random – 4akustik® 30-14/2

Random – 4akustik® 29-13/3

Random – 4akustik® 28-12/4

Millerighe – 4Akustik® 3/1

4Akustik® 7/1

4Akustik® 9/2

4Akustik® 13/3

4Akustik® 14/2

4Akustik® 28/4


Random amazes us with its fresh and captivating character: a wall or ceiling sound-absorbing system that has 3 different types of slats whose staggered milling gives dynamism to the surfaces. High acoustic performance and perfect workability of the slats are its main features, to which is added a wide choice of decors and finishes now implemented with the new Mocha shade.

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Millerighe / 4akustik® 3/1

High-performance aesthetics Millerighe is the latest arrival in the Acoustic Panelling range: an adaptable sound-absorbent solution with a striking aesthetic for the vertical covering of interiors, with technical characteristics for substantial noise reduction. Millerighe creates a uniform space, the milling disappears leaving the textural aspect at the forefront.

Glue-free installation

Slats and square panels offer excellent versatility for installation, and ensure an even surface, thanks to the lack of joints. The slats are mounted using a simple, glue-free procedure. The use of screws and sliding clips ensures that removal is equally simple. The modular systems can be wall-mounted using a system of profiles and connectors similar to those used for the slats.

Health and safety

The panel, in its EC-certified version, classed as “B-s1,d0” for its reaction to fire, also conforms to the highly exacting Japanese “F4 star” standard, with reference to its extremely low formaldehyde content, in line with JIS parameters. 4akustik® contributes toward satisfying prerequisites and credits under LEED®. 4akustik® is also available in a version without reaction-tofire certification, and with class E1 formaldehyde emissions.