Introducing third spaces

Panorama addresses the challenge posed by the new workplace, which favours a hybrid working approach, by encouraging the use of third spaces. These in-between areas create welcoming, flexible settings for a better working experience, for meeting and relaxing, individually or with others
By Ben van Berkel / UNStudio

Learning & focus

These arrangements define private spaces for long or short periods of concentration, integrate with the Mini phone booth for individual videocalls, and create meeting rooms and areas for group and individual work. The different heights provide varying levels of privacy around which specific, welcoming layouts can be formed for a human-centric landscape.


These solutions were developed to encourage team work and create spaces to stimulate brainstorming. As an alternative to more traditional work spaces, these are areas equipped for short and stand-up meetings; cocooning zones with soft seating solutions that offer a creative environment to improve the experience of its users.


Informal meetings? Having a break or breakout time? These free-standing single or double compositions offer flexible solutions for comfortable relaxation areas, where individuals or groups can interact away from more traditional working spaces.

A dynamic Panorama

A system of compositions featuring continuous black edging on both sides, offering different layouts and fostering a sense of comfort and community.


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