Logistics as part of the sustainable management process

Natolino, logistics partner of Fantoni, invests more than 4 million euro on the innovative multi-purpose “walking floor” trailers and on the latest generation rollers.



A green product, to be truly green, must also be able to count on a model of sustainable transportation and low environmental impact. From this principle, Natolino Trasporti, long-standing logistics Fantoni’s partner, made an investment of 4 million euro to acquire innovative trailers for the carriage of finished panels and wood from recycling on behalf of Fantoni.

In fact, the company of Carpacco, has just been equipped with 12 innovative “walking floor” trailers, that are able to transport both types of cargo and to unload the goods independently. Draft of the towings with a maximum capacity of approximately 28 tons, constructed from the Dutch Knapen Trailers, have demanded an investment of 1 million euros.

These trailers allow Natolino to drop off Fantoni’s panels to customers on the outward journey – companies especially based in the furniture districts of Pordenone-Treviso, Brianza and Pesarese – and on the journey back to load recycled wood from the nearby specialised platforms.

At the same time, another investment was made for the purchase of 35 Man rollers, whose model was awarded as “International Truck of the Year 2021”, which will reduce fuel consumption and therefore pollution. The investment for the motors has been more than 3 million euros.

“This operation – Alessandro Natolino explains, founder and administrator of the homonymous company of road haulage – allow us to be more competitive and to pull down the impact of the traffic goods, not only in environmental terms but also in terms of road safety. As a matter of fact, by equipping us with multifunctional vehicles we halve the number of journeys with empty trailer and therefore the traffic at the service of the supply chain of panels produced by Fantoni. This is only a first investment, since we expect a further implementation of these innovative means”.

Currently, Natolino Trasporti has a fleet of 110 rollers and 235 trailers, employs 114 employees and has a turnover of 11 million euro.

With this project the attention to environmental and economic sustainability finds a way to get closer to the achievement of the Circular Economy that sees Italy World leader in the Wood Furniture Supply Chain sustainability.