Fantoni awards 29 “Golden Chips”

Fantoni rewards 29 employees who have surpassed twenty years of seniority.




During the traditional ceremony held on September 23rd at the Osoppo plant, Fantoni awarded the ‘Golden Chips,’ which are recognitions for employees who have accumulated twenty years of service in the company.

This year, the award and the subsequent membership in the homonymous association were given to 17 collaborators who reached the seniority threshold, and it was also presented to another 12 who had achieved it in past years but had not yet had the opportunity to attend the ceremony.

The ‘Golden Chips’ Association, established in 1995, was expressly desired by Cavalier Marco Fantoni, who led the Group’s expansion for over 60 years, paying particular attention to relationships with his employees and enhancing their loyalty and professional growth.

Today, this tradition is carried on by Marco’s sons, Giovanni and Paolo Fantoni, who lead the industrial group, supported by their respective children, now representing the fifth generation of entrepreneurs.

The ceremony was attended by the regional administration, represented by the Finance Assessor, lawyer Barbara Zilli.

The Assessor opened by recalling how the company represented an example of reconstruction in post-earthquake Friuli, providing trust and constructive answers to families. She then went on to emphasize the substantial investments that the region has undertaken between 2018 and 2023. “Friuli is the fastest-growing region in the Northeast in terms of GDP, employment, and exports,” she declared, adding her personal commitment and that of President Fedriga to the implementation of the Cimpello-Sequals project and the challenging connection between the Dignano bridge and the Industrial Zone of Osoppo. She highlighted how the strategic position in the heart of Europe increases the competitiveness of our regional system, which, together with the autonomy it enjoys, also promotes significant fiscal initiatives.

The occasion also served to take stock of the economic performance of the sector.

“A series of factors, including especially the inflation surge managed by the ECB with the increase in interest rates,” commented Paolo Fantoni, “is impacting the economic cycle, putting the entire home furnishing industry and, consequently, the furniture sector under pressure.” Nevertheless, Giovanni Fantoni continued, “our investment plan continues: over the next two years, interventions totaling 35 million euros are planned, in addition to the 250 million already invested in the last six years. Thus, a cycle of investments that began over 50 years ago to ensure competitiveness and clear future prospects for the group is not being interrupted.”