Fantoni at the installation “Urban Mining: Design, Dismantle, Disseminate”

Fantoni explains its commitment to sustainability in the installation conceived by Mario Cucinella for Corriere della Sera at the 2024 Design Week.




During Milan Design Week 2024, Fantoni shared its story with the city at the headquarters of Corriere della Sera in Via Solferino 28, as part of the installation “Urban Mining: Design, Dismantle, Disseminate” curated by architect Mario Cucinella and his studio MCA on the theme of circularity in urban contexts.

The installation addressed the theme of the city of the future from a regenerative perspective, where anthropic space is no longer seen as something that detracts from nature, but rather, drawing inspiration from it, attempts to self-regenerate through the reuse of existing materials. To illustrate the concept of urban mining, Cucinella redesigned the courtyard facing the Corriere editorial office starting from a simple and everyday object: the wooden crate used for vegetable collection. Used as a module, it composed a skyline of towers, an urban backdrop, dismantlable and reassemblable, suggesting the idea of a city as a possible reserve for the future.

In this luminous skyline, characterized by a series of focal points aligned with the concept of the City Mine, Fantoni conveyed its virtuous vision of sustainability and its model of circular economy, which recovers woody materials from recycling, packaging, wood industry processing waste, and urban trimmings with the aim of regenerating and reusing them to create office furniture with post-consumer wood panels, including the Panorama system developed by UNStudio.

An important opportunity to discuss the reuse and recycling of so-called “secondary raw materials,” but also to focus attention on how design is conceived and lived.