Explore third spaces with Panorama

Panorama: the new collection designed by UNStudio for Fantoni.




Panorama is a project developed by UNStudio for Fantoni to address the challenges posed by the new way of conceiving working spaces, in which an increasingly significant role is played by third spaces: in-between areas, hybrid zones where the first space (home) and second space (office) are mixed to generate welcoming and flexible settings in which to work, meet or relax, individually or with others.

Panorama is a human-centric landscape, a system of partitions at a range of heights offering different levels of privacy, around which the desired layouts can be formed, but it is also a soft seating system that fosters a sense of comfort and community, in addition to offering a set of fixed and temporary workstations that provide a welcoming and integrated workspace.

The various elements in the Panorama collection – which integrate with other Fantoni products already in line with this school of thought – fall into three specific categories of spaces: collaboration, learning & focus, social.

Collaboration: this includes solutions for teamwork areas, brainstorming spaces, sitting or standing areas for short meetings, and provides a stimulating environment conducive to creative work.

Learning & focus: this creates private spaces for short or long periods of concentration, phone booths for individual video calls, meeting rooms, group and individual work areas.

Social: this offers flexible proposals for comfortable breakout and relaxation spaces, where individuals or groups can engage away from more traditional work spaces.

The outlines of the collection are accentuated by the black edging that stands out against feisty colour choices such as allura red and ocean blue; the modules are complemented with a range of accessories including coat racks, monitor suspension systems and magnetic cable runs.

Fantoni chooses to use recyclable and sustainable materials, such as the chipboard panel (produced in-house using 100% post-consumer wood), in line with the company’s long-standing vocation.