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Woods Operative office system

Wood does not need to explain anything to those who love essentiality. It adapts to the positions of both body and mind. It transforms to protect ideas and projects, simplifying work and stimulating creativity. Simple, authentic, perfect. A future forest in which the space can truly acquire the shape of those who inhabit it.

The desk that adapts to you.

What could be more pleasant than feeling at home while you work? The fixed-version desk features distinctive solid wood legs. In the heightadjustable version, the painted and veneered aluminium leg contains a built-in electric mechanism, so that the desk can be adapted to different body positions with absolute efficiency.

The responsive desk

To ensure a constant sense of well-being and comfort throughout the working day, height-adjustable desks have been created with an electric motor built into the leg to accommodate both sitting and standing positions. The single desks can be paired up to create a double workstation.

The meeting table features a distinctively elegant oval shaped top and 45° sloping legs. It
is designed to increase the efficiency and comfort of group work. The aesthetic is kept clean, essential and elegant thanks to a sophisticated cable and socket housing system under the top.