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Lift Up Operative office system

Always up to the job. Lift-Up tables are fitted with an exclusive adjustment system (offering a range of desk top heights from 69 to 118 cm), to meet the ergonomic requirements and changing work styles of the contemporary office. The tops come in a range of shapes and sizes, and are made of faced panels which offer a choice of two types of edging: 45° or 90° with rounded corners, for use with any of the Fantoni collections.

Lift-up tables coordinate with other collections

Height-adjustable desks can be found in collections including Quaranta5, Mèta and Framework 2.0. In the case of Quaranta5 and Framework, they come in single and double versions, adjusted using a crank, or manually with locking screws on the bases. The Mèta collection features an electrically-driven adjustable base, while all the other types of base are available with manual adjustment and locking screws.