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4akustik.  Sound-absorbent system for use on walls and ceilings, comprising melamine-faced,  lacquered or veneered MDF slats. The high performance levels are achieved thanks to research into the theory of Helmholtz resonators and sound dissipation using porous textures.  4akustik combines excellent sound-absorption performance with the highest health and safety standards.

The panel, in its EC-certified version, classed as “B-s2, d0”  for its reaction to fire, also conforms to the highly exacting Japanese “F4 star” standard,  with reference to its extremely low formaldehyde content, in line with JIS parameters.  The same products also available in a version without reaction-to-fire certification, and with class E1 formaldehyde emissions.

4akustik contributes toward satisfying prerequisitesand credits under LEED®