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Pattwall The fast and durable cladding

The Patwall dry joint wall or ceiling cladding system is based on the revolutionary, patented Patt Joint System, created with the objective of  out-performing traditional dry-joint floorings by improving their stability and strength.

Patt Joint System consists of a joint in stress-resistant plastic material with a characteristic "double T" profile. The plastic core slots into the short side of the slats, locking them together in a firm and stable way, so enabling the flooring to withstand stress and frequent use.

Based on the philosophy of sustainability, practicality and “materials design” that characterises all of the Fantoni Group’s products and processes, Pattwall is an ecological and practical product. Its raw material, which derives from the recovery of wood debris, contributes towards a reduction in the use of wood from forests. The ease of installation, even inside pre-existing structures, makes it ideal for use also in large-scale restoration projects. The optional insertion of appropriate materials also makes it possible to achieve an excellent level of thermal and acoustic insulation.