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Nordic Swan Ecolabel license

Fantoni is getting green and green

Fantoni – MDF boards division – does another step forward towards sustainability by obtaining Nordic Swan Ecolabel certification.

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel flower examine a product´s total life-cycle and the environmental problems that can exist through a product´s entire life-cycle. They have a holistic approach and evaluate how their criteria can contribute to positive environmental effects. Furthermore, Nordic Ecolabelling strives to increase awareness of and educate consumers about the Nordic Ecolabel and to increase the demand for products and services marked with the Nordic Ecolabel among consumers and professional buyers.

We know well how Nordic countries – especially Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland – are sensitive towards sustainability issues. In fact, 51% of the popululation look for Swan label when they shop.

This is therefore a further confirmation for Fantoni MDF products, especially for 5B and 5E melamine faced panels, to be sustainable in the complete life cycle and to contribute to a sustainable use of resources.