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HUB-itat by Matteo Ragni selected for Triennale

HUB-itat by Matteo Ragni selected for one of the 20 exhibitions illustrating the “21st Century. Design after Design”

After twenty years, the great Triennale International Exhibition is back, and Matteo Ragni will be portraying “the new ways of working” for Fantoni.

Selected from a call for architects and designers over the age of 35, in which the participants could enter with an original project on the theme of the exhibition, “21st Century. Design after Design”, HUB-itat by Matteo Ragni is based on the Hub collection designed for Fantoni, and gives a conceptual interpretation of the changes seen in the workplace.

The company from Friuli is particularly sensitive to the themes of change and the universality of design, and it continues its exploration of the workplace and the collaborative office, where work does not necessarily have a fixed physical location, but rather, a sequence of situations where ideas are produced.

The office is transformed into a single work area, within which people can choose where to work, thanks in part to the relationship with new information technologies; the priorities on the table are changing for top management, who are forced to reconsider processes in the light of these new contexts.

Poetically, the HUB-itat project reflects the desire to rediscover – in the workplace or the home – the profoundly-Mediterranean ritual of getting together around a tree, and proposes hypothetical visions of the future that touch upon the hot issues in design.

The project – which can be seen at the Palazzo della Triennale until September – thus responds excellently to the theme launched by the 21st Triennale, which seeks to give a contribution to the development of a specific design culture, to a perception of the arts as a unified whole, and to the development of Italian architecture and design, intensifying the international dialogue between society, art and business.