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Spik iverica

Spik Iverica has been acquired by Fantoni Group in November 2006 for about 5 million euros together with another two companies: one specialized in the processing of semi-raw wood and of 15,000 cubic metres of sawn wood per year (Spik Napredak), while the other deals with transport services for intracompany activities (Spik Morava). The company’s headquarters, which was established For the production of raw chipboard in 1977, are located in Ivanijca, Republic of Serbia, 220 km south-west of Beograd and currently it produces about  60,000 cubic metres of chipboard panels per year. Since 1982 it has been producing chipboard faced with melamine papers. In the past the three companies established an important production complex in the area and currently employ a staff of 300 people on a total area of 112,000 square metres. The companies are located nearby one to the other and are active in the field of woodworking, service and transport activities but most of all they represent the only production complex of chipboard panels in the Serbian territory. The goal of the Group is the amalgamation of the three companies in a single operative structure which, besides meeting the panel demand of the domestic market which is currently double compared to the production capacity, could also work in the neighbouring countries.

spik iverica
V.Marinkovića 139
32250 Ivanjica
Centrala: +381 032/661-166
Fax:+381 032/663-320