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On the strength of the Fantoni Group’s technologies and know-how, Patt, with headquarters in Attimis, in the province of Udine, has specialized in the production of sound absorption panels and pre-finished melamine flooring which feature high functionality and a strong visual impact. Ever since the start, the company has been growing developing a new acoustical division, besides the flooring division, which represents the flagship of the Group. A team of specialists analyses each acoustic project and designs customized solutions for every setting. The latest of Patt’s product – Climacustic – represents the state-of-the-art of technology, combining the specifications of a radiant plant with a decrease of running costs of 30% compared to traditional systems, to the sound-absorption specifications of Patt’s systems which, in their turn, are the result of the know-how acquired by the company in the field of architectural acoustics. Patt is considered one of the cutting-edge companies at international level in the research and development of new overall solutions for people’s well-being. In the past few years it accomplished very prestigious and important projects, such as the Fondazione Marco Biagi in Modena, Treviso airport, the Casa del Jazz in Rome, Teatro Toniolo in Mestre, Eurostar Lounge in Rome in Italy, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Caracas (Venezuela), the Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias in Valencia (Spain), on design of Santiago Calatrava, Prague’s airport, The Mall shopping centre in Athens, the National Bank Securities in Dubai abroad.

Patt Spa
Sede legale e stabilimento
Via Udine, 40 / 33040 Attimis
Udine / Italy
Cap. soc. € 2.750.000 i.v. Reg.Impr. UD
C.F. e P. I. (IT) 01639740305
REA UD n. 185902

Patt Spa Sede amministrativa e commerciale
Via Europa Unita 1 / 33010 Osoppo - Udine / Italy

t +39 0432 976259

f +39 0432 976546

t +39 0432 976548

f +39 0432 976546


PEC: pattspa@pec.it