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Acquired in 2000 by the Fantoni Group, the Slovenian company Lesonit hab been one of the first company in Europe to produce wet-process fibre panels when, in 1944 the Italian Falersa family established itself in Illirska Bistrica. After the acquisition by the Fantoni Group, the company’s plant and structure underwent a deep modernisation process in several phases which ended in 2007 with an overall investment of about 65 million euros. The company covers an area of about 220,000 square metres of which 36,000 under shelter and, thanks to its strategic location represents an important stronghold in a region of growing economical and commercial influence. A cutting-edge company for the technology process employed, Lesonit boasts an extensive, high quality output that goes well beyond MDF panels. In fact the production of veneers and the melamine-facing of panels are all thriving businesses alongside the company’s claim to fame: HDF special panels with low formaldheyde contents, available in thicknesses from 2,5 to 8 mm, obtained through the use of phenolic resins that make them extra resistant and suitable for a variety of special uses.

Ulica Nikola Tesla, 11
6250 Ilirska Bistrica - Slovenia

Tel. +386/(0)5/7117800
Fax. +386/(0)5/7117801

Partita Iva
e-mail: info@lesonit.net