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Inter-rail is a new way of thinking and operating the railways in North-Eastern Italy. It's a project for integrated logistics management, from the raw materials to the finished products, meant to develop and strengthen the role of railway transportation in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

Inter-rail is in the market as a logistical operator, taking care of import and export railway shipments for leading companies in Northern Italy. It also deals with studying and carrying out diverse logistical activities concerning the transportation of goods by rail, waterway and road. Its activities include freight handling, shunting, marshalling yard maintenance, and coordination of junctions and rail lines. The company is able to organize block-train shipments by availing itself of private Italian and foreign operators, and multimodal shipments starting from Italian terminals towards Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Scandinavian countries, Greece, and the East European countries, with several weekly block trains.